Slacker Radio

Overview: Slacker Radio is one of the most popular streaming music apps on the Google Play and Apple App Store. This app allows you to listen to streaming music on any Android or Apple device as well as on your PC anywhere as long as you have Wi-Fi or a data connection. I’ve been using exclusively since I found it, Slacker’s biggest challenger being Pandora… Pandora can’t even come close to keeping up, according to my buddy at Roswell Roofing Company. Slacker has over 200 pre-made radio stations, including live ESPN stations for the sports fans out there (you have to have one of the pay to listen plans for ESPN however). Virtually every song, group, and album can be found on Slacker Radio and listened to whenever you want.

Interface and Options: The interface and screens are very user friendly, when playing any given song you have easily Read more »

Pandora Radio

Pandora radio is an all inclusive computerized music streaming service and live music streaming internet radio which is powered by Music Genome Project. The radio provides users with instantaneous and unlimited access to their favorite music genre, comedians, artists and songs. You can easily access this radio via a web browser or a customized application which you must download and install in your mobile device or computer. Unfortunately, the radio is only available to people living in United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Five Fabulous Things You Can Do With Pandora Radio:

Pandora isn’t like the typical radio stations we listen to on daily basis. It is an end-user oriented radio station that gives you full control over its functions. With Pandora, you listen to what you love whenever you feel like and within your preferred environmental settings. This freedom gives my buddy over at roofer Lawrenceville the ability to listen to music while repairing roofs. These are the five basic and cool things you can do with Pandora radio.

Find And Interact With Fellow Pandora Radio Listeners

If you are a real music aficionado who wishes to always stay informed on the recent music trends, music stars and new music releases, Pandora radio provides you a golden opportunity to reach and share music news with other music enthusiasts. This dynamic radio has been continuously connecting music lovers by creating an active user community where music lovers can stay informed on all what is trending on the music industry without having to pay a penny.

Play Your Favorite Music By Genre:

Even the most fanatical music lover will get bored when listening to our everyday radio stations. The fact that we don’t have control over the music played in the typical stations means we only listen to Read more »