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Have you heard of Amazon Music? No then read this

In the very beginning when people used torrent programs to illegally download artist songs, for those of you who are too young allow me to take you back to the past before we focus on the present.

Once upon a time

Before Google and YouTube to be what they are nowadays, I remember it was regular basis news about FBI arresting people who illegally download around 5 or 10 thousands songs from artist.

Back in the days one of the most famous program that comes into my mind, yeah that’s right if you belong to my generation I am talking about “Napster” created by Shawn Fanning, Sean Parker and John Fanning on June 1st 1999, man this was the bomb back then if you needed the latest hip hop, country, R&R or any kind of music, Napster was the man. My bud who is the best roofer in Lilburn GA, they had some old Napster collectibles that people were buying and selling a few years back.

Napster is or was a P2P program, meaning it was linked to a network of users who gladly upload and share their music, video, documents, programs, etc. Of course this was illegal, many people had to pay huge amount of money to the rightful singers or agency then on September 3rd 2012 ordered by a judge Napster closed.

Amazon Music

Well guys the reason why I wanted to talk more about the past was to provide you a reason why purchasing legal music or another stuff is the right way now, I know you are afraid a man dressed on blue knock your door just to give you some handcuff and read your rights, sorry but I am allergy to prison specially wearing white with black or orange clothes.

Back to the main topic, Amazon music (before used to be called Amazon MP3) opened on September 25th 2007 as a new alternative to thousands out in the market, the way platform that is available are for Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, some Linux versions and finally FireOS.

In case you want to know the format, of course it’s MP3 at 256 kbps with no restrictions at all and with a huge catalogue over 30,200,800 and counting songs available for you.

As an additional note they were the first music store to sell music without digital rights management (DRM) and counting with the approval of major top music labels such as:

· EMI.

· Universal.

· Warner Music.

· Sony BMG.

· Independents but with influence labels.

However there is something very important to mention, in the early stages used to sell music only to US customers while used to sell music only to UK, restricting the rest of the countries, which generated a big request from the rest of the remaining countries as they felt being exclude from Amazon.

After reviewing and watching the big success, Amazon music has been through some big changes and big opening to the rest of some countries like United Kingdom, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, the Spanish and Italian editions were finally launched.

Ever heard of Amazon Cloud Player?

To put it simple, Amazon Cloud Player is an online integrated with the digital music store which allows users/subscribers to store/play their music, playlist from a web browser, mobile apps, some smart TV with capabilities, tablets, iPad and desktop applications.

It’s a great service but let be fair, in case the service it is not available in your country, the company is always expanding but being honest there are also alternatives as well (Spotify, Sound Cloud, App Store, etc).

But it is all about choosing the platform you feel like more comfortable, in the end you will be the judge, have a nice day.

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